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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

I take BCBS. For all other insurance companies, I am an out-of network provider. Although I may not be a provider under your insurance panel and do not accept direct payments from the insurance company I CAN help you with understanding the process of submitting your claim forms and paid receipts for partial insurance reimbursement.


What are your fees?

Please visit the forms/payment information page for this information.


Are you taking new clients?

Yes! Please call 301-363-1288 or email to schedule a new client appointment.

Do you have weekend and evening hours?

 Yes! I do provide evening appointment hours but do not work on the weekend.


Where are you located? 

Office address: 11904-F Darnestown Road Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878


Can you take HSA or FSA Cards?

Yes!  I also accept regular credit and debit cards, checks, and cash.


What is your cancellation policy?

Your time is reserved for you. Please cancel 24-hours in advance to avoid being billed for your appointment. If you are having an emergency, call Dr. Bhargava ASAP. If you forget about your appointment and I call to check in with you, consider a Telehealth appointment so we can still meet and you’ll avoid a cancellation fee that is not reimbursable. Often people can make an appointment, even last minute, if they do not need to drive to us. In case of inclement weather, all in-person appointments will be changed to Telehealth appointments.


What type of appointments do you offer?

I offer both in-person or virtual appointments.


How do I know if I really need therapy?

From time to time people may need extra support to handle difficult situations. If you have tried making changes and continue to feel stuck, there is nothing wrong with reaching out to a professional. Deciding to receive professional help means that you care about yourself and your family, and shows that you are committed to making changes.


How long can I expect to be in therapy?

The length of treatment varies depending on the difficulties that are being treated and on your particular needs and goals.

Therapy can be short-term for a specific problem, or longer-term if you're hoping to address more complex patterns or dynamics. Beginning with the initial appointment and continuing forward, I will communicate openly and honestly with you about the pace of our work together. If we are processing payment through BCBS, the insurance company may dictate the number of sessions that we have to work together.

How often will we meet?

The frequency of sessions depends on the type of services you're seeking. Individual, couples, and family therapy sessions are typically weekly. During our time together we will monitor the progress of meeting therapeutic goals. Once progress is made we will move to weekly appointments and then taper off to once a month before ending treatment. 

Is your office accessible to people with physical disabilities?

Yes, the office is on the ground floor, easily accessible via a sidewalk ramp. The office suite is on a single level and contains a large private bathroom that can easily accommodate a wheelchair.


To arrange a free phone consultation, please contact me at 301-363-1288 or

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